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 Full And Complete Guide To SA!!!

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PostSubject: Full And Complete Guide To SA!!!   Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:44 am

Are you new to Stick Arena? If you are, you better read this unless you want to die miserably.

Stick Arena is a MMO Flash game, meaning you play against real players instead of a computer. You play as a random Joe killing other random Joes. Plays are divided into rounds, five minutes each. In those five minutes, you must kill as many people without getting killed yourself.

First things first, you must make a profile. If you don't want to be annoyed with all the incredibly simple process, you can just click the "Quick Start" button at the top of the main menu when you start up.

Making a Profile:

It's much easier than it sounds. To make a profile, simply click the "New Account" button situated below the "Quick Start" button on the main menu. Upon clicking, another menu should show up. On this menu, enter the required information. First, enter your name. If your chosen name is already taken, then a notice will pop up and you must enter another name. After that, you must type a password. Actually type something you will remember... And be warned. Once you verify your password, you cannot change or retrieve it ever again. And finally, after that, you can choose your color from the box on the right. When your color has been chosen, you can click the button on the bottom to create your account and jump right into the game.


K/D ratio (Kill/Death Ratio): Numerical value calculated by dividing your average kills by your average deaths. The higher the number, the better.

W/N ratio (Win/Loss Ratio): Numerical value calculated by dividing your total number of round wins by round losses. The higher the number, the better.

Round Completions: Self-explanatory.

Rank: Digital badge awarded on the total number of kills you have accumulated. The more kills you have, the more ornate the badge. There are a total of 15 ranks.

Rank 00: 0 Kills < You start at this rank
Rank 01: 5 Kills
Rank 02: 25 Kills
Rank 03: 100 Kills
Rank 04: 300 Kills
Rank 05: 750 Kills
Rank 06: 2000 Kills
Rank 07: 5000 Kills
Rank 08: 10000 Kills
Rank 09: 20000 Kills
Rank 10: 40000 Kills
Rank 11: 60000 Kills
Rank 12: 80000 Kills
Rank 13: 100000 Kills
Rank 14: 125000 Kills
Rank 15: 150000 Kills

Note: Anyone Rank 15 () is a hacker. No player has achieved this rank yet.

Ping: Other word for lag. The higher it is, the higher the latency between you and the server is. A number below 100 is good.

Slang Terms:

Owned - To be killed. (Ex. I owned you! = I killed you!)

Pwned - Like owned, but more severe. (Ex. I pwned you! = I totally whooped your ass and slapped it all over the place!)

Ownage - Noun form of owned/own.

Newb - Those under rank four, new to the game, or sometimes quick-starters. Not to be confused with "noob."

Noob - Derogatory term used to belittle other players or as an insult. Describes immature, unintelligent, or stupid players. (Ex. You're such a noob. = You really suck.)

Sledge - Abbreviation of the Sledgehammer.

pwnz0rz - Very strange spelling of the noun form of pwned.

Spammer - Hacker that employs a hackpack to flood the message area with text and potentially lag other players out of the game.

Pro - Talented, usually respected players known by many.

afk - Acronym for "Away from Keyboard" or "Absent Free Kill," meaning a free-kill acquired by killing someone away from their computer. The absolute lowest in honor.
(Ex. OMFGWTFBBQ NOOB!!! You afked me!!!! = -obscene expletives- You killed me while I was away from my computer!

Ballistick - The new expansion coming out for Stick Arena with no official release date.
BIG NOTE: If you make threads on anything relating to this, you will be banned. Seriously.

Battle Mechanics:

Sounds easy so far, doesn't it? Well, here's the catch: there are floating weapons which everyone can use to kill people (yes, that means you).

Health is based out of 60 HP (hit points) Once your HP goes to 0 or below, you are dead.

Here are the weapons:


Your starting weapon. Weakest of them all, they are only useful for finishing weak players off.

Damage: 5/60
Speed (Fire Rate): .6 sec
Movement Speed: Normal
Range: Minimal (You must be touching the enemy to inflict damage)


Second weakest melee weapon, but with longest range and fastest speed. You also move faster while carrying it. Useful only for killing weapons that are slower than you, such as AK-47s, Shotguns, Fists, and Sledgehammers. Make sure you have 100%-75% health before taking on anyone with this weapon. Avoid Bats if possible.

Damage: 8/60
Speed: .43 sec
Movement Speed: Fast
Range: Two stick heads

Baseball Bat:

A decent melee weapon with nice damage. Good for taking out those annoying Katanas. Can take out guns, but is less effective in than Katana. Best in melee-only maps. If up against projectile weapons, use in surprise attacks to dumbfound the enemy to make up for the average movement speed.

Damage: 19/60
Speed: .55 sec
Movement Speed: Normal
Range: 1+1/2 Heads


If you like power, the Sledgehammer is for you. Your movement speed is slowed when carrying this, and the reload time is forever, but you kill anything in one hit. Make sure you hit your opponent. Popular among campers. Best when used in melee-only maps or surprising your opponent.

Damage: 60/60
Speed: 2.13 sec
Movement Speed: Very Slow
Range: 2 stick heads


Arguably the best ranged weapon in the game. Long range, decent power,
and quick fire rate is the Glock. Mostly used by the pros themselves, the Glock is a difficult weapon to master, but deadly in the right hands.

Damage: 13/60
Speed: 0.64 sec
Movement Speed: Normal
Range: 1+1/2 screens


The AK-47 is infamous for being the noobs' favorite weapon. Perhaps the easiest gun to use, the AK-47 has weak power but long range and fast fire rate. The downside is your movement speed is slowed when carrying it.

Damage: 11/60
Speed: 0.5 sec
Movement Speed: Slow
Range: 1+1/2 screens


The Sledgehammer of the guns. Just like the Sledge, the Shotgun has enormous power (3 shots to kill) but slow movement speed and fire rate. It has poor range for a ranged weapon, as well. Moderately difficult to master, it can be a match for the Glock in the right situations. However, it can easily be overwhelmed by melee weapons and loses to the Glock and AK-47 in open areas.

Damage: 20/60
Speed: 1.33 sec
Movement Speed: Very Slow
Range: One screen (You must be able to see your enemy to inflict damage)


Now that you have a basic idea on what the floating things are, it's time to put them to the test.


If you want to have any chance of survival, you must master cornering. Cornering is a term used to describe "hiding behind a wall and shooting while in cover. To corner, you must have a ranged weapon. With your weapon, bump up against a wall and scoot to the very corner of the wall, close enough so the barrel of the weapon is exposed, but your body is behind the wall (hence the name "cornering). In this position, you can fire at distant enemies and not take any damage (unless they are at the correct angle or you are doing it incorrectly).


Another important skill to master. Basically, "juking" is fooling a melee weapon to miss. It best works with Shotgun, since Katana like to make it its prey. When there is a Katana/Bat approaching, move the opposite direction they are moving. When they get within striking range, quickly change direction and continue firing. Usually, the Katana/Bat will keep going, hitting air, and be shot in the back. With this technique, you can use the Shotgun against Katana and take minimal damage.


Version 1: This technique is usable only with a ranged weapon. Sniping is rather simple. When an enemy gets out of your sight range, try to gauge where they are going and fire. Do not fire blindly, try to accurately guess where they are headed.

Version 2: When you are on top of your enemy, usually you can see their name above their head, giving away their position. If you can see their name only, you are out of their sight range. You can get a free shot before they realize they are being sniped.

Version 3: This really only works in Xgen HQ. It is also known as "wall-hugging." What you do is grab a Glock or AK-47 (preferably an AK-47) and go against a wall at the very end of the map. What this does is increase your line of sight, and other players will have difficulty shooting you.
Still too vague? Here's a picture to help you out:


This technique is similar to version 2 of Sniping. With a melee weapon, be above your opponent, using their name as an indicator of their position. Since you are out of their sight range, charge down and whack/slice/smash away, and usually they will be caught off guard. This works best in Xgen HQ, down the hallway leading up to the bathroom on the top right.


This technique is more of a trick than a skill. It works best on melee-only maps. With the Sledgehammer, all you have to do is stand still. Just wait. Normally, noobs will believe you are lagging, so they will approach you, eager for a free kill, making them easy prey.


Use this technique with a sledgehammer in a melee-only map. When you spot a faster and potentially deadly opponent, such as a Bat or Katana, quickly back away from them and continue to do so until they reach striking range. Accuracy is crucial, and you will likely die if you miss.

Compatibility Server:
The Compatibility Server (a.k.a. Compat. Server) is a special server on Stick Arena that is designed to help crap computers run Stick Arena smoothly. Little is changed... other than the fact that all speed is halved. This means you walk and fire 1/2 slower than usual. Of course, this server is pointless if you have a good computer.

Changes in Techniques:
Since your movement speed is halved, some techniques become harder to perform. These include:

Surprising: That "Hallway of Death" near the bathroom in Xgen HQ is nowhere near as deadly. A noob's reaction time is quick enough to counter you. Discard this technique completely in Compatibility Server.

Juking: Although practicable, it is much harder to use, since you move slower. It is much less effective, so try to avoid using it.

Because everything goes bullet-time in Compat. Server except for the bullets, you yourself has to slow down as well if you hope to do well in it. Moving the mouse as quickly as in a normal server with a gun greatly diminishes your accuracy in Compat. Server, so aim slower.


A group of players that ruin the fun of the game using devices nicknamed "hackpacks."

An easy way to distinguish a hacker from a normal player is:

Extreme speed.
Unlimited health.
Unlimited respawn invincibility.
Passing through walls.
Firing at ridiculously high speeds.
Instant 99 kills and -1 deaths.
Black or other very dark color not normally choosable ring.
NOTE: Black rings do not necessarily mean the player is a hacker.
Lagging text.

Don't go around calling random players hackers. Just because you are losing badly to a player does not make him/her a hacker. Be completely sure that the individual is indeed a hacker, or you will be ridiculed and I will laugh at you.


Take these steps as to avoid having your playtime ruined by hackers.

Do not enter rooms labeled "No Hackers" or such. It's self explanatory why.

Avoid rooms labeled "No noobs." Normally, noobs think they are good, so they go into the "Experts only" rooms and find other noobs, usually hackers. Don't be that noob.

If a hacker enters your room, first be sure he/she is indeed a hacker, then attempt to rally the other players to boot him/her. If this fails, the hacker possesses anti-kick hack, and cannot be forced to leave. In this case, leave the area to save precious time.

Pro Games:
A pro game is a game where pros engage in combat different than in a normal game. In a "pro" game, there are some honor rules that all players must abide by or be kicked. These include:

No free-killing. You may not attack an unarmed player unless he/she hits you first.
No camping. Camping is the least honorable tactic in a game and generally despised.
No hacking. Self-explanatory.

Normally, breaking these rules (except for hacking) more than once earns you a boot.

Even if you've been reading semi-carefully you should be set. Remember, practice makes perfect.
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PostSubject: Re: Full And Complete Guide To SA!!!   Fri Mar 28, 2008 2:15 pm

This is awesome list!!!!!
Also watch your language, there will be little kids on here soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Full And Complete Guide To SA!!!   Mon Mar 31, 2008 2:48 pm

Thnx for the guide
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PostSubject: Re: Full And Complete Guide To SA!!!   Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:46 pm

Copyed but don't matter.

About the rank 15 i'm almost there.

I'm rank 13 and my name is zachnumba10
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PostSubject: Re: Full And Complete Guide To SA!!!   

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Full And Complete Guide To SA!!!
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