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PostSubject: Read before Posting   Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:01 pm

1.No double posting

2.No screaming at mods or admins

3.No advertising

4.No posting on the threads that are older then 20 days

5.No porn

6.No cursing

7.No spamming

8. Don't make any rules if you are not a mod.

Threads which are not acceptable:
Threads about Cheats
Threads about Hackers (we know!)
Duplicate Threads (Use our handy-dandy search feature!)
Threads directed to a certain person (I.E.: Hey Joe! Come here!)(Use PMs)
Threads directed to mods or admins. (Use PMs!)
Request threads
Threads asking others to go play SA with you (Challenge threads)
Threads talking about certain battles you've had. (I.E.: I beat Jimmy so bad!)
Topics unrelated to Stick Arena

These are very simple rules...
The rules that are in red, are an immediate ban if you break them.
The rest you will get warnings.
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Read before Posting
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